Meet Darci.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

A kind-hearted, loving and passionate friend, teacher and businesswoman. After years of struggling with various debilitating health issues, Darci has recently been diagnosed with MS and could use some encouragement and blessings in her life.

In January of 2019, after over a year and a half of having undiagnosed seizures nearly every single day, Darci managed to somehow find strength to bring something new into her life. Something to give her purpose and take her focus off the struggle to be healthy and sometimes just to get through the day.

"I love the MK family, the friendships I have made, the products, the flexibility and the extra money. My goal is to become financially independent." ~ Darci Orth

This season of her life has been difficult. Not only is she suffering from the seizures and the recent diagnosis of MS and having lesions on her brain, she has gastroparesis and rheumatoid arthritis. She is living on her own and due to the seizures she is still having, she is unable to drive which does prove to be challenging for her family and for her business.

Becoming a Mary Kay consultant has been life changing for her so far. She used to be a teacher but is unable to work in that capacity right now. Being disabled she needed something flexible and something to bring some joy into her life. Once she met the local Mary Kay ladies and tried the products, it was a perfect fit. Once a week they meet with positivity and lots of fun. Her director has been a huge support system for her in the journey so far and she has made so many friends with the other ladies in her area. The customers are a huge source of joy for her as well. Getting to build relationships with them and learning about their skin and cosmetic needs is an important part of what she does. Taking time to become friends and learning about them is so important to her. Darci's ultimate goal is developing a one-on-one relationship with her customers – a true friendship.

As a friend, it has been so difficult to watch this journey and to feel helpless watching her during the seizures and struggle to find answers. I wanted to find a way to help her and am praying that this will give just a little light into her life right now.

How you can help.

Purchase with a purpose. Whether you buy a tube of lip gloss or schedule a time with her for a full facial and color match, you will be blessing a very special woman and you will have something you can take from it as well. You will be getting a quality product, make a great friend and be a blessing to someone. Every purchase counts.

Follow this link to shop with her or send her an email at to set up a face to face consultation or send her words of encouragement. Please also take just a minute and like her Facebook page to show her some love at

Please keep Darci in your prayers. She needs them as she will be navigating treatment options and fighting for her healing and health. Thank you in advance for your support of my special friend.


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